About Us The Boys′ Brigade was founded in Glasgow in 1883 and was the first uniformed youth organisation from which has sprung all the other major youth organisations. The Boys′ Brigade places great emphasis on discipline and Christian Faith and seeks to help boys grow up as responsible young men of whom we can all be proud.

The 4th Hillingdon Company is part of the youth work of Hayes End Methodist Church in The Uxbridge Road and The Company has three sections catering for boys and young men aged from 5 to 19 years of age and all meetings are held on Fridays evenings at the Church during School terms at the times noted below:

Anchor Boys          Aged 5 to 8 — Fridays at 5.30pm.

Juniors                     Aged 8 to 11— Fridays at 6.45pm.

Seniors                     Aged 12 to 19 — Fridays at 8pm

For further information about age groups, activities, uniform, costs and joining please click on the appropriate section above.

We conform to the safety and safeguarding policies of both The Boys′ Brigade and The Methodist Church. For further information on these please contact David Kingston, our senior Officer and Captain.

Information Leaflet

David Kingston, Company Captain
Telephone: 020-8581-9594

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